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MKSolar02 - Solar Mosquito Trap

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Bracket material

Metal, stainless steel, electrostatic spray on the surface

Shade, power grid material

Stainless steel


12V (DC)

Solar panels

High efficiency polysilicon

Working current




Mosquito (insects) way

Double light frequency vibration type

High voltage grid

3KV current <5mA

Moisture (rain) protection device

Wet, rain and weather safe and normal work

Mosquito control, plant protection Insecticidal area

4000 – 5000 square meters (360-degree large-scale kill mosquitoes, insects)

Trapping and killing pests Species

Noctuids, poison moths, beetles, beetles, emus, locusts, mosquitoes, white wings, flying ants dozens of pests

Scope of application

Animal husbandry, aquaculture, planting, public places, garden villas.

可加配空氣觸媒 納米塗層, 提昇誘蚊效果

以空氣中的氧化份子作能量, 將有機物化成CO2 及 水蒸氣, 讓蚊子誤以為是人類。