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Portable Air Conditioner Product Introduction

A portable air conditioner (PAC) has the same working theory of a traditional air conditioner. One side gives out very cold wind (down to 18’c) and at it’s back, will emit up to 40’c hot air.

Like all air conditioners, this portable air conditioner will generate condensed water and sometimes requires drainage. But thanks to its clever design, there’s a thermal coil inside the machine water tank. This makes it able to evaporate the condensed water under most circumstances. There’s also a water outlet for customer to fix a water pipe or couple together with a water pump to enhance the drainage water.

Product Limitations

In most scenarios, the condensed water inside the PAC can dissipate to the outdoor environment through heat exhaust pipe. For environments with a relative humidity higher than 85%, or perhaps inside a high humidity room, the dehumidifying speed might be slower and in this case the customer may be required to unplug the machine and drain manually.

Usage Environments

A PAC (especially 1.5HP) is suitable for enclosed areas. For higher HP models, it can produce a higher cool wind flow. It is also nice for “spot cooling”, and the reason for this is when the workplace area is too large or too high, or it is perhaps not necessary to cool down the whole area. It is also energy efficient in cooling a small area, like workers’ operation post or rest area.

Whether it is for spot cooling or complete area cooling, all PACs have an exhaust pipe that needs to be directed out of the room. The exhaust pipe for 1.5HP is 6 inches and for 2.5HP is 16 inches, which normally should be pointed outwards through a window or towards an unoccupied area.

Setup Requirements

As it is very simple, clients can do set up by DIY. The only item to do is fixing the exhaust pipe to a window, then it is basically plug and play. Note that the power supply shall at least 8Amp, 220V available for each 1.5HP air conditioner and 13AMP for a 2.5HP air conditioner. If needed, we also offer electrician services for any cabling or power supply works for settings that require an outdoor air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioner Rental Service

We offer 1.5HP AC machine for rental. Customers can treat it as a window-mounted type AC unit, but instead it has 4 wheels on it. An enclosed area is best for getting the optimal cooling effect. One machine can serve approx. 150 sq ft, with normal 2.5m head room, in an enclosed area.

The efficiency of a 1HP or 1.5HP window-type AC depends on brand. Please be reminded that a 6” hole is required to let the hot air out of the room, just like a window type AC’s back is always placed outside the room. The exhaust pipe is about 1.5 meters (can be longer) and shall be pointing towards an unoccupied area, or more preferably outside the building.

As A Backup Air Conditioner

Our product can serve as an alternative solution for any air conditioning down time. During the hot season, air conditioners (especially old models) can become unreliable and overworked, and their compressors can seize up.

During these cases, it is often difficult to be restored within a short period of time, due to backlogs in parts ordering and tight contractor schedules in peak season. Consequently, the heat will most probably affect the customer’s experience (where an outdoor air conditioner is needed) and staff operations in a business environment, and can even adversely affect business income. In this case, our air conditioner rental service can be an instant back-up solution by providing a secondary air conditioner. We have fast delivery for all locations that needed air conditioner immediately, even within the same day.

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