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Evaporative Cooler

Outdoor Air Cooler Product Introduction

Our outdoor cooling fans basically combine a large fan with a cooling pad. Users need to fill up the water tank below, and the driving pump will boost up the water to the top and water will spread evenly on the cooling pad. In the meantime, a big fan will pull hot air in and will lead it through this wet cooling pad. The heat inside the air will be absorbed. Unlike a mist fan, the product emits no water droplets.

Air cooler Hong Kong products come in a wide variety, and most client serve it as outdoor cool air unit. However, it is actually not a traditional air conditioner, as they usually will come with a compressor. For our products, there is also an indoor option, which comes with a smaller fan motor and in a smaller machine size.

Usage Environments

Outdoor cooling fans are suitable for well ventilated or air conditioned indoor and outdoor settings. such as:

  • Area with insufficient air conditioning
  • Any well-ventilated room or workspace
  • Shaded outdoor areas
  • Dining areas

While using our air cooler fan Hong Kong products, a well-ventilated area is essential. An evaporative cooler humidifies the ambient environment to absorb the heat, which means the humidity will go up and the temperature will drop, which is a physical phenomenon of latent heat exchange. Therefore, our evaporative coolers shall be placed in settings with an open window, or exhaust fan present, or perhaps an air-conditioned room (as it helps to dehumidify). It is also perfectly fine to use it in outdoor environments.

As there are no water droplets coming out from cooler, it is suitable for venues that have food or beverages served and or any outdoor dining area.

Air Cooler Rental Services

Outdoor cooling fans do not emit any water droplets, as the water is circulating inside the cooler. When it comes to the cooling pad and sticks on it, the hot air is drawn from outside to inside the machine. When the hot air passes through the wet pad, the water will then dissipate the heat and hence becomes cooler air. Air cooler fan Hong Kong can only produce a -1 to -2’c net temperature difference, i.e 37’c to 35’c, due to Hong Kong’s high humidity. Our standard model comes with 57L capacity and can last 5-6 hours, depending on temperature and humidity factors. Drier and hotter conditions will make the water evaporate faster. Talk to our professional team today regarding air cooler rental services.

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