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VOC Removal Service

VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Services

MIST PURE provides one-stop air purification and VOC removal services for major commercial office buildings, shops, schools, residences, showrooms, and shops alike. From simple to larger scale projects, we are your trusted professionals for the job.
Normal people can spend up to 6-9 hours a day in an office or a workspace, where the air might have poor circulation. In the long term, this might be a cause for certain respiratory problems or diseases, especially if office or workspace has just completed renovation. Building materials and furniture releases a lot of formaldehyde, for a period of 3 years to up to 15 years as some studies indicated, which can cause serious effects for long term health. 
Our professional solution can solve this once and for all – MIST-SRW, a photocatalyst imported from Japan. It is widely studied and produced in Japan and holds many patents. The product itself is purely natural, with no added compounds, does not harm the furniture, and is proven safe for pregnant women, babies, children, pets and people with allergies.

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