Hong Kong Misting

MP-Degreaser Oil & Water scaling removal

Natural biotechnology, completely removes oil, ointment, and channel stench, and helps prevent throat blockage due to pipe.

Walls heavily affected by oil fume:​

Clean air-conditioning affected by oil fume:

Using MP-Degreaser natural degreaser can quickly decompose the air-conditioning problem affected by cooking fumes. It can be rinsed off within ten minutes after spraying, and the effect is obvious.

Natural Biotech Formula​:

Stimulate the rapid reproduction of specific facultative anaerobic bacteria, quickly digest solid ointment oil into water-soluble fatty acids, and catalyze hydrolysis to disinfect organic solid waste in sewage.

24 hours non-stop degreasing​

Once the MP-Degreaser is poured into the grease trap, quickly remove stagnant grease & remove odors.

Solve the odor problem completely

Proprietary plant-based organic micronutrients and specific natural bacterial mixtures are continuously used to competitively inhibit sulfur-reducing anaerobic bacteria to prevent hydrogen sulfide odor.

Decomposition principle:

Diffusion & Penetration of MP-Degreaser Chelated formula into sludge flog and finally to the bottom area of sewage tank or pipe or surface.

Degradation of Oil & Grease and provide more Bio-surface Area for Biomass degradation

MP-Degreaser Activated Sludge detach from a broad range of surfaces such as concrete, tiles, linoleum, exhaust hoods/ filters, metal and most painted surface and stainless steel, etc.

Useful for underground area, sedimentation tank & filtration tank in sewage treatment system.

MP-Degreaser function:​

Aerobes & Facultative Anaerobes outcompete Sulfate-reducing bacteria(Anaerobes) to Suppress Hydrogen Sulfide production.

Blocks Urease enzyme and prevents urea in the waste conversion to volatile ammonia.