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Mosquito Trap

How Do Mosquito Traps Work

Product trapping method are well-designed and refined over many years to trap mosquitoes effectively, such as features that fan-dry mosquitos, as well as electrical and glue sticking methods. For smaller areas, you can opt for an extra high-density trapping net for midges. The key feature of each trap is how to attract mosquitoes. There are three levels of mosquito traps below, and even solar mosquito traps.

Level 1: UV Only

In most cases, a mosquito trap is equipped with a UV light, that uses 253um human UV to lure the mosquitoes into the trap. It’s effective to catch flies and gnats, at all ranges. Most of UV light mosquito trap Hong Kong has a photocatalyst coating on the lamp. It can create a low volume of vapor and CO2, which helps to lure them into the trap.

Level 2: UV + Smell

There’s also mosquito / midge attractant to enhance the effect and usually is placed next to the light. It’s a little piece usually the size of a coin. It is made of an herbal-based combination and is able to recreate the scent of human sweat and breathe. It usually smells like LPG if placed very close. After a series of tests of various attractants, we found this to be the best recipe that best attracts mosquitoes. Each attractant can last for approximately 1-2 months.

Level 3: UV + Smell + CO2 Gas

Humans out CO2, and this helps attract mosquitos. In previous generations, CO2 is created by heating up LPG. This old method creates two problems, energy waste (8KG LPG converts 5KG CO2 or less) and possible air pipe blockages. While heating up LPG, it also creates a lot of burning residual, which will be left inside the machine, surroundings and pipework. It requires a high level of effort to clean and maintain the setup, and malfunctions are frequent.

Hence, we offer a CO2 gas direct. The trap can give out CO2 directly from CO2 gas container, which is pure CO2 gas and is easy on maintenance.

Mosquito Trap Rental Services

In the hot and humid Hong Kong summer, outdoor environments frequently experience mosquito problems, and this is inevitable. Frequent rains and the humid ground make up the best environment for mosquitos and spawning. When people or guests are usually wearing shorts in summer, outdoor events are sometimes negatively affected by this “unwelcome guest”. So, we also provide mosquito trap rental services for short term customers. During day time, the machine can attract mosquito with our special tried and tested attractant recipe. During night time, the trap emits out a UV light (blue light) that resembles human UV, and also produces the smell. Fee free to contact our team for solar mosquito traps.