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High Pressure Misting System

High-Pressure Misting System Introduction

Complete with pump, pipes and nozzles, a high-pressure misting system, is a water delivery technology using a high-pressure pump to boost the water pressure in order to atomize the water into a very small orifice nozzle, so that it eventually becomes millions of fine mist particles. The main reason for creating a fine mist is to increase the surface area of water, so that it absorbs heat more effectively.

The misting nozzle are preferably placed above ground approx. 2.5m for optimum efficiency. The small particles can evaporate quickly as it absorbs the heat (evaporative cooling) within a meter and approximately a cooling effect of 3-8’c, subject to humidity and temperature conditions.

Our Misting System Product Line

We offer both DIY misting system sets, as well as professional misting systems.

A DIY system is a low-pressure misting system that only requires domestic water pressure (2-3bar). It can create a relatively low volume and thicker mist. People directly underneath the nozzle might feel a bit wet and we recommend to set this at a higher level, at least 3m or higher. We offer different box sets for purchase, with 6 nozzles or up to 20 nozzles (or 3m to 9m).

Product Model Numbers:

MP-100 – system – 8-30 nozzles

MP-150 – system – 12-40 nozzles

MP-200 – system – 16-55 nozzles

For settings that require professional misting, we require a site visit before design. We offer free onsite design and nozzle layout planning for all misting system projects. We offer tailor made projects for Hong Kong, Macau and China clients. Our service includes fully designing and building, plus maintenance service. A misting system can be fan mounted, wall mounted, pole mounted, inside cladding mounted, garden bed mounted or as a dry fountain on the ground. The system includes water tank, protection sensors, filtrations, sterilization, pipework, and nozzles. Our project management team offers regulatory site progress meeting, drawing and material submission, performance and technical specification drafting or relevant project related documentation.

Our latest customers that have installed these systems includes the government and private sector, e.g. Tsim Sha Tsui Star of Avenue for LCSD, K11 Musea for New World Development. It serves as landscape, humidification and cooling purpose in 10 different locations.

Product Model Numbers:

HP00 – Prof. Misting system – 20 nozzle to 1000 nozzles