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Mold removal

Mold Removal Services
MIST PURE is your a one-stop professional mold removal specialist, for all kinds of stubborn mold found in places like factories, warehouses, hotels, and laboratories. Our methods provide a long term solution for our clients.
Molds are a fungus, which is a kind of microorganism that exists widely in the environment and can grow in an array of environments, especially in a dark and humid indoor spaces. Mold can be commonly found in furniture, walls, tile gaps, bathrooms and other places.
Molds can affect the human respiratory system, leading to allergies such as stuffy nose, headache, nausea, skin allergies and asthma, among other ailments.
Hong Kong is in a subtropical climate with a relative humidity of up to 78% throughout the year, which is extremely suitable for the growth of microorganisms, making molds a common occurrence in our living and working spaces.
Case Study:
The Venetian Hotel in Macau. Mold found within oil painting. Using our anti-mold solution, we sprayed and successfully eradicated the problem.