Hong Kong Misting

Mist Pure - Intelligent Disinfection Station

Effective | Automatic-sensing | Instant
Sterilising | Non-contact | Simple | Safe

For infection control of epidemic, the intelligent disinfection station can be set up at the entrance of shopping malls, schools, commercial buildings, residential buildings or any public places.


The station ensures a hygienic living and working place. It can also arouse brand awareness by serving as a banner stand.

* customisable



  1. Different sanitisers can be used according to different needs.
  2. Automatic infrared sensor
  3. Complete disinfection in 7 seconds
  4. Non contact design, avoid cross infection
  5. Smart design for multiple functions -measuring temperatures, sterilizing and advertising

* 21.5 inch screen with a USB port. Serve the purposes of disinfection and advertising.


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