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An Irrigation system is essentially a plumbing system that efficiently delivers water to targeted plantation with less amount of labour and use of water. We are a consulting firm that provides design and construction of automatic irrigation system Hong Kong. From pump specifications, nozzle types and spread, pipe size and material, panel specification, we will recommend the right products to fulfil your budget and requirements, as we offer a product portfolio ranging from more economic lines to big name premium lines.

Irrigation System Technology Comparison – Drip vs Sprinkler

A dripline irrigation system is a root watering technology. The pipe material is anti-UV which should be no problem under direct sunshine. It can apply to both shrubs or lawns, the interval usually at 300mm to 450mm each. Dripline irrigation in Hong Kong is popular for public estates, LCSD parks and greenery areas. The advantage here is that there is no strong water splash out from the nozzle. The strong wind also has no effect to dripping performance, therefore the watering amount is even and precise. The ideal installation period is during early stage after plantation. If plants are too dense or mature, it becomes a challenge for placing the drip lines into soil. Root system might be too spread and make the dripline unable to pin on to the ground. The method to remedy this is by placing soil pins.

Sprinkler, also known as Sprayer, rotor irrigation, water jet, or water gun, are referring to the same watering methods. The water comes out from a powerful nozzle, that can shoot water from 2m to 20m. It requires a higher water flow and thus a corresponding pipe size to support such an output. The spray angle is adjustable, usually from 90’ to 360’. It can be mechanically rotated by a rotor head as to achieve a long range and high flow watering setup. Advance sprinkler can hide underneath the ground during idle time and pop-up spraying during irrigation time. This pop-up sprinkler can make the garden tidy and with less physical damage as possible. Sprinkler is a popular irrigation system for Hong Kong, as it requires less pipework and offers larger coverage.

Automatic Irrigation System Hong Kong Solutions

In automatic irrigation system, there’s always a panel box that contains a controller and defines the watering time. As the pipe size is fixed, the water flow and pressure might not be able to operate all nozzles and sprinkler heads at the same time. Therefore, the controller can schedule the solenoid valve to be on and off, to achieve sufficient watering of the whole designated areas, zone by zone, without increasing the pipe size. A new controller can be solar powered to be more economic and easier to deploy as no AC power is needed for the area. Also, the controller can be attached to the water tap, under the soil or inside the plant room, depending on the site conditions.


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