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Outdoor heater

Who to choose a heater?

Generally, outdoor and indoor heater are available in electric or LPG styles.

Electric Heater

  1. The advantage of the electric heating lamp is that it is relatively light and easy to move. It can be used as long as there is power supply in the place.
  2. Only need to use electricity to operate, and the cost is less than that of LPG Heater

LPG Gas Heater

  1. The heat of the warm lamp comes from the open flame, and the heat makes the environment warm up quickly
  2. There is no wire restriction, even if the environment does not provide power, it can be used normally
  3. There is a real fire display in the middle of some styles, which adds atmosphere to the environment
  4. Accidental flameout protection, instant flameout protection device for dumping or lack of oxygen
Conventional outdoor LPG heater:
Heat distribution is less even. Heat distributes from the top of the heater to people around by reflection. Heat distribution tends to be indirect. Most of the heat goes to the air at top of the heater before reaching people around. Heat distribution is less effective.
Modern outdoor LPG heater:
Heat distribution is even. Heat directly distributes from the glass tube at the post of the heater. Heat directly distributes to people around. This saves 40% of LPG for heating. 
(Left: conventional outdoor LPG heater
  Right: modern outdoor LPG heater)

Rental Service

It is not expensive to rent a heater and is suitable for short-term damp and cold winters.

The electric heater is relatively light and easy to move. It can be used as long as there is a power supply in the place where it is used. The heat of the LPG heater comes from a real flame. The heat makes the environment warm up quickly. Because there is no limitation of wires, it can be used normally even if there is not provide electricity.

We provide one-stop purchase, rental, maintenance, LPG delivery and installation services. Just give us a call !

The rental price is more flexible, and it can be provided from one day of activity to the whole season.

Outdoor weddings, restaurants, bars, and other venues will choose to rent stoves and warm lights in winter to make their guests more comfortable.



  1. 電暖燈的優點是較為輕型,客易移動,只要使用的地方有供電,即可使用
  2. 只需要使用電發燒,費用較石油氣節省


  1. 暖燈的熱力來自明火,熱力令環境快速溫暖起來
  2. 沒有電線限制,即使環境沒有提供電力也可正常使用
  3. 部份款式中間更有直火顯示,為環境增添氣氛
  4. 意外熄火保護,傾倒或缺氧即時熄火保護裝置