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EC05B -100L Ultra High flow Evaporative cooler

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Power Serving area Dimension


Noise Tank size Water Consume Air Flow & pressure Weight

220V, 50Hz

150m2 1120*700*1650mm 55-65db 100L 6-15L/Hr 18,000m3/h




EC05B 100L Ultra High flow Evaporative cooler

l   Cool: Absorb the heat from back and give out cool air, lower temperature by 4 – 10°c.

l   Ultra high wind flow: 18,000m3 per hour can cover up to 1,500ft.

l   Outdoor: Designed for outdoor environment

l   Heathy air: Ion function & Pre-Dust Filter at the wind inlet

l   Easy Operate: Wall panel for control. Intelligent cleaning available.

l   Safe: Overload Protection and pump protection if no water

l   Quality: CE export certificate entitled