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Industrial dehumidifier

Why do we have to install a dehumidification system or use a dehumidifier?


In Hong Kong, located in the subtropical region, the temperature can be as high as 33 to 35 degrees Celsius in the hot summer, and the weather can easily become very humid. To effectively prevent the furniture and indoor walls from getting moldy or even “watering”, although the air conditioner can be turned on, it is also very important to cooperate with a dehumidifier. Household or commercial dehumidifiers can efficiently remove moisture and make the environment more dry and comfortable and help reduce the growth of indoor bacteria and mold.

Although Hong Kong buildings are mainly constructed with concrete, they are still invaded by moisture. Molds and fungi will grow at the right humidity. Sometimes even places with air-conditioning are unavoidable. To know if the place is wet, you can look at the glass windows and touch the walls. If water droplets are condensing on the surface or touching the obvious water, the wall appears soft to the touch, which is the characteristic of dampness. A dehumidifier is the best solution to the situation of high humidity because the dehumidifier helps to remove the odor of mold in the air and reduce the humidity by at least 20%. Air that is too dry or too humid can cause nasal allergies or irritate the skin. A dry environment will help relieve allergic symptoms, so the humidity is best maintained between 42% and 55%.

A humid environment has a serious impact on electronic products and wooden furniture, accelerates the erosion of objects, and makes it difficult for clothes to dry out and produce a musty smell. When the humidity is too high, you will find mold growing on coats, walls, furniture, utensils, and even fabrics. Therefore, it is best to configure a dehumidifier or equip a dehumidification system in a commercial environment, especially in spring. If you are an art collector, you need to pay more attention to humidity because the artwork is usually susceptible to aging due to humidity.

In addition to the above advantages, dehumidifiers can also help save electricity costs in the long run. Although dehumidifiers may not be more energy-efficient than general air conditioners, if the two are used interchangeably, the dehumidifier can help improve the air conditioner’s efficiency and reduce the serious mechanical loss caused by the excessive use of the air conditioner.

Principle of industrial dehumidifier

principle of a commercial dehumidifier:

Compression type: When the air is drawn into the machine by the fan, the moisture will first pass through the circulation formed by the cooling pipe (pushing the refrigerant evaporator) and the radiating pipe (condenser), and the moisture in it will gather into water droplets on the surface of the cooling pipe. And it drips into the water tank, and the air that has been pumped out of moisture will be discharged through the radiator pipe again and again to reduce the humidity.

How to choose a suitable commercial dehumidifier?

1) Refer to the value of dehumidification


The dehumidification capacity will be marked on the industrial dehumidifier, which is the dehumidification capacity under the “usual environment”. For example, the value written in the above figure: 150L/Day (30℃ 80%RH), which lists the temperature and humidity during the test. The amount of dehumidification measured throughout the day is convenient to refer to the dehumidification capacity.

Floor dehumidifier style

Locations are equipped with mobile capabilities, which are convenient to move to different spaces or locations. There is a water tank or a drain pipe for automatic drainage With filtering function, smart setting start

Ceiling dehumidifier solution

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted fancy can be installed on false ceilings, which can effectively use the space Create an intelligent dehumidification system, connect a drainage pipe for automatic drainage The ceiling dehumidifier filter function can be set up intelligently

2) Use environment

Space and faults are both important considerations when cosmic dehumidifiers. For example, because it is close to the sea and mid-levels, because of incentives, scenic spots with high dehumidification are recommended; places where there is not much space. If you choose a suitable location, you can install a ceiling dehumidifier to form a dehumidification system that considers automatic extraction.

3) Form of water tank style or drain pipe

To make fun of which fake dehumidification, the dehumidification must leave the machine, and the water tank type is the water left from the water tank, and you need to pour water from time to time to persist.

Generally, the capacity of large-scale dehumidifying water tanks ranges from 3 to 15 liters. If you think it is troublesome to change the water, connect the machine’s drain pipe and use the drain, so that the large-scale dehumidifier can achieve automatic drainage, so that the commercial dehumidifier can be used all day long. Tao.

4) Purchase a commercial dehumidifier equipped with casters or handles

In many commercial applications, industrial dehumidifiers need to be transferred to different locations at any time. It is recommended to consider dehumidifiers equipped with casters or handles. It is more convenient.


5) Intelligent control of wet function to form a dehumidifying system

The current large industrial dehumidifier adopts the function of automatic dehumidification control. The automatic dehumidifier can be used to automatically stop when the setting is turned on, and automatically stop when the setting is exceeded. It can automatically control the dehumidifier and make the system automatic The ability to control the opening, thereby reducing low-interval power consumption.

Industrial Dehumidifier Price and Rental Service

The purchase price of industrial dehumidifier products generally ranges from $3,000 to $8500. Some also provide rental services.

Use in confined spaces is the most effective way to remove moisture. The applicable scope of each machine is about 500 square feet to 2500 square feet of confined space.

You can install a drain pipe or use the water tank that comes with the dehumidifier, and start the dehumidifier to a place with high humidity.

In addition, there are more ceiling dehumidifiers to choose from, you can contact us immediately to communicate about large-scale dehumidifier rental or installation of dehumidification systems.

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