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HP00: High Pressure Misting System

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Very fine mist

It’s a mature technology using a high pressure pump pushing up the water pressure to a optimum level. With a very small orifiace nozzle, the high pressure will press out the big water into a fine mist. It’s great for cooling, since small particale can evaporate quickily thus absorb the heat.  Price starts from HKD25,000.

  • Can Build high-pressure mist on existing fan (wall mount/ standing)
  • Fine mist
  • Mist water is high quality drinking water

Patented component – 360 Misting Umbrella
Itlay patented. It can hang under the patio or roof egde. It’s 360′ misting will form a mist curtain surrounds the sitting area, about 20ft. 

The installation included a pump and tank under table. Then it’s 360 misting unbrella will gives out mist in 6 meter radius, on top of the table. Since it’s very fine, very few mist can reach low. Most mists will be a evaporated cooling. 


The targeted patio unbrella must be able to carry 5KG weight. 

Energy Saving – A/C air cool chiller 

The mist is proven can help air cool chiller to cool down inlet air temperature. It can relief the energy spending especially in hot weather.  A/C can perform cooling without running it’s full capacity. From our working case, it can save up to 20% depending on site features. study more