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Large industrial ceiling Fan

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型號 扇葉尺寸 葉片數量 電機功率 最大轉速 重量 電壓 風量 適應面積
HKM-7300 7300mm 10 葉 1.5kw 50RPM 130kg 380/220V 800700m3/h 1200m2
HKM -6100 6100mm 8 葉 1.5kw 55RPM 113kg 380/220V 729000m3/h 1100m2
HKM -5500 5500mm 8 葉 1.5kw 60RPM 100kg 380/220V 711000m3/h 1000m2
HKM -4900 4900mm 8 葉 1.1kw 70RPM 87kg 380/220V 690000m3/h 880m2
HKM -3600 3600mm 6 葉 1.1kw 90RPM 70kg 380/220V 634800m3/h 800m2
HKM -2500 2500mm 7 葉 120w 90RPM 50kg 380/220V 350m3/min 400m2

Why use a large ceiling fan?

[Effects] Large area ventilation, improving indoor environment

[Economy] 1/10 of the total investment in central air-conditioning, cost-effective;

[Quality] adopts German NORD gear motor and Danfoss inverter in Denmark, with excellent quality and stability;

[Simple] Less maintenance, easy operation, no need for professional maintenance or operation.

[Low carbon] Once it is electric, it will blow to nearly 10,000 feet.

[Low noise] Compared with ordinary fans in the market, the air volume is small and the noise is small.