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MK01 Classic Mosquito Trap with Photo Catalyst

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Dimension 340mm (D) x 1200mm (H)
Power consumption 220V, 50Hz, 15W
Coverage 200m2
Weight 8kg

Photocatalyst (made in Japan)
The titanium dioxide (TiO2) contained in the photocatalyst coating is irradiated by a UV ultraviolet light tube in the device to generate a catalytic process, thereby generating carbon dioxide(CO2) gas, hence simulating the carbon dioxide (CO2) exhaled by the human, thereby attracting mosquitoes.

This product uses UV lamp which produces 360-400nm Light and a TiO2 coated interior which attracts mosquitoes from afar, the fan inside the machine would suck them down into the storage box at the bottom of the trap, where they die from dehydration.

以空氣中的氧化份子作能量, 將有機物化成CO2 及 水蒸氣, 讓蚊子誤以為是人類。